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The quality of the bikes and the scooters based on their over all conditions and performance is a prime criteria along with the age of the vehicle.


Right rental price plays a important role in our exercise as it a money saver for the tourists and hence a important yardstick.


Additonal services in giving 24 x 7 backup for the rented bikes and scooters along with a easy and hassle free documentation is also considered.

About Tiruvannamalai Bike Rentals

We are a bike and scooter rental advisory website servicing tourists with advice and recommendations on the two wheeler rental market in Tiruvannamalai.Now make your choice with our best indentification that suits your needs. Profile The aim of Tiruvannamalaibikerentals.com is to gather and provide info and advice to tourists visiting Tiruvannamalai in renting to bikes and scooters  for your daily travel need.Our recommendations are based on scrutiny of the quality of the bikes and scooters,price,services offered,easy documentation and customer’s feed back.This website provides only the best and the top rental companies and does not list any unknown or unprofessional company or individual person.Our team continously keep checking on the listed companies and tries to provide true and factual information to our readers.

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